Parker Cains Announces Candidacy for Charlotte City Council

Cains pledges to use his business experience to restore trust with the City, Raleigh, and invest in Charlotte’s future

Parker Cains, a Charlotte businessman and member of the City of Charlotte’s Privatization & Competition Committee, today announced his candidacy for Charlotte City Council. Cains will run as an At-Large Republican candidate.

“My family and I are excited to announce my candidacy for City Council,” Cains said. “This campaign is not about a person, it’s about a community.  Together we will bring balance, reason and focus to the core principles and priorities of our city. We need to restore confidence, trust, and a collaborative approach to growing the Queen City.”

A resident of Charlotte for 10 years, Cains and his wife Devon live in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood and are the parents of their newborn daughter, Hunter.

“Our city can’t grow without leaders who can work effectively with Raleigh to address our core fundamentals of economic development, public safety, infrastructure and transportation,” Cains added.  “Charlotte has a development opportunity in choosing which direction the city will move following the previous poor decisions by city leaders.  We will pursue priorities that align with the core focus areas of the city. We will move the city forward in a positive direction with new leadership that has a finger on the pulse of the city and its increasingly diverse constituency.”

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Walt Kelley