meet parker

Our campaign is not about a person, it’s about a community.  Together we will bring balance, reason and focus to the core principles and priorities of the Charlotte City Council.  We need to restore confidence, trust and a collaborative approach to growing the Queen City.  Our city cannot grow without leaders who can work effectively with Raleigh to address our core fundamentals of public safety, economic development, infrastructure and transportation.

Charlotte has a development opportunity in choosing which direction the city will move following the previous poor decisions by city leaders.  We will pursue priorities that align with the core focus areas of the city council. We will move the city forward in a positive direction with new leadership that has a "finger on the pulse of the city" and its increasingly diverse constituency.

Too many people in our community that claim to be leaders, are actually dividing us by looking to serve their own self-interests. I believe that there is a desperate need for us to work together to bring back the focus that has been severely misguided by our current leadership. I want to reinvigorate our community, increase trust in local politics and unite our city with a bi-partisan stance on public safety, economic development and lead the way for "smart" infrastructure and zoning with an eye on the future.

We can find balance and restore community confidence in our ability to grow as a city. It’s time to remove the activism that has defined our current leadership, and encourage Charlotte City Council to re-focus on how we can strengthen our community to benefit everyone that calls Charlotte home.


Married to Devon Elizabeth Cains
Proud parents of our newborn daughter, Hunter Rose Cains born Feb. 2017.
Member of Waypoint Community Church.


Director of Sales at Katalyst, a local IT consulting and integration business since 2007.


Virginia Tech, Bachelor of Science in Marketing achieved in 2007


Charlotte Privatization and Competition Committee Board Member

Charlotte Uptown Rotary

F3 Foundation

American Heart Associate – Executive Leadership Team

St. Jude, Levine Children’s Hospital, 24 Hours of Booty