Three ways you can help


#1 - Vote & Vote Early

In the 2015 local elections less than 15% of registered voters went to the polls to cast their vote.  The result was a 9-2 Democratic majority on City Council and the loss of the Mayors seat.  The Republican front runner for the At-Large seat lost by 248 votes.  We need your help!  Go vote early and take a friend.  Look for further "Early Voting" details and events as the dates and locations become available.  In the mean time, click on the link below and consider casting your vote via Absentee without ever leaving your house.

#2 - Donate today

Please consider donating to our campaign today.  Every dollar that is donated will be spent as if it were our own.  We will spend 100% of our donations to further the reach of our message and secure a Republican victory for Charlotte City Council At-Large.  Every dollar that we receive will continue to allow our team to drive the message to our constituents.  Together, we will bring the focus and common sense approach back to Charlotte City Council.

#3 - volunteer & advocate

We simply cannot do this alone.  We need your help in spreading our message towards a brighter future for Charlotte.  Please consider having your family join our team.  It take no time to  advocate on social media (follow, like and share), place a sign in your yard or place of business, host a fund raising event or distribute campaign materials.  Please involve the youth of our city and educate them on the democratic process. We can sign off on service hours for our youth as they learn the process and get involved with our campaign.