The Love Story of Parker and Devon Cains!


Yes, I said our love story! I encourage you to continue reading and not skip over the mushy part.

We met on May 2, 2014 at a work conference where we working for competing firms. For those of you who really know Parker he loves to talk and I wanted nothing to do with him. He was a real southern charming salesman and where I grew up, well, they didn’t exist.  In true Parker Cains fashion he asked me out and after several “no’s" I finally said "yes".  Six months later we were engaged and on May 2, 2015, exactly 1 year later, we were married. On February 4, 2017, we welcomed our daughter Hunter into the world.

Parker is amazing husband, father, friend and I have never been so loved. He is always putting others before himself and would do anything for others. His love and passion is not only for his family, but for where we live and raise our daughter, The beautiful city of Charlotte!

The reason I tell you all of this is to expose the true heart of Parker and the character of a truly amazing man. For those of you who know Parker and have spent some time with him you know he loves to work out, talk and enjoys coffee. For those of you who don’t know Parker I challenge you to spend some time with him. Take him up on a cup of coffee and you will meet the man I have described and adore. You will learn how much he truly loves our city and wants the best for everyone.

Parker fights for what he wants! He wanted me and fought for that first date and the future of our family. He wants to see our city grow, prosper and be united! I ask that you go out and vote on Tuesday, November 7th and remember what kind of person we want representing our city.  Please vote Parker Cains for Charlotte City Council at Large.

One last final semi mushy part. I have always loved Chip and Johanna Gaines from HGTV “Fixer Upper”, but didn’t realize how much until I saw their video “I am Second” and read their book “The Magnolia Story”.  As I started reading their book I realized Parker and I were just like them in the sense Parker was the chatty, goofy one and I was the quiet do-it yourself person. I have continually tell Parker that this journey has been a great one. We have created new relationships, strengthened old friendships and grown together as a family.

My favorite line from the book reads:
“I simply never could have imagined just how much God had in store for us, and I certainly couldn’t have dreamed just how many keys to other doors God had already placed in our hands."

Love Always,


Walt Kelley