Our Focus

Charlotte City Council has lost its focus as evidenced by HB2 and the Charlotte Riots to name just a few recent events that have cost our city billions of dollars and made us a spectacle to the nation.

As your elected voice, I will not stray from my commitment to the Charter of City Council nor from my pledge to have the greatest impact on three key areas of City Council:

Community safety, economic development and infrastructure.
— Parker Cains, Charlotte City Council at Large Candidate

Just a few short years ago, Charlotte was a shining city on a hill where leadership from both parties worked together tirelessly alongside business leaders, faith organizations and non profits to make us one of the largest financial centers in the world, one of fastest growing cities in the United States, and a reputation as one of the greatest places to both raise a family and to retire.  

Like you, I was deeply troubled by the Charlotte riots last year and have felt increasingly disheartened about the direction our city is headed in.  Charlotte has taken a turn for the worse in the wake of HB2 and the riots.  Somehow the city we selected to put down our roots, build our careers and to raise a family became unrecognizable.  

Together we can put Charlotte back on the positive trajectory, but I cannot do it without your help.  Today I am asking for your vote, your voice of support for my candidacy and even the smallest donation to my campaign to fight against the outside money attempting to influence our local election.  The democratic party continues to put forth agendas outside of Charlotte City Council's jurisdiction that are not in the best interest of our families and our future.  It is time to bring focus and reason back to the Charlotte City Council.  We need to elect leaders that promote pragmatic values which will enable us to bring our attention back to local issues that directly impact our community on a daily basis.


Issues at hand