Trust in our public officials starts at the top. Creating trust between the community and elected officials, and then to our public servants that keep our community safe is paramount. Charlotte Police and Rescue officials are on the front line of our city and we need to work together to ensure a bi-directional trust.

I am passionate about keeping our city safe for all of us, and our children; it’s one of the main reasons I’m running for City Council. While there are limits on what City Council can do when it comes to public safety, there are a few things that I think are absolutely necessary within the jurisdiction of City Council:

  • We have to publicly support our police chief and police officers, there has to be a mutual level of respect and discourse.
  • Ensure the police department has all the necessary resources they need, including adequate pay, to fill the vacancies that currently exist.
  • We have to drive an open conversation that will create mutual trust and accountability between the government, the police department, and our communities.

Charlotte City Council can influence the impact on crime, it simply takes strong leadership to drive the conversation.  I will always hold the city to a higher standard and transparently engage in the difficult conversations regardless of the situation.