Why I'm Running For Charlotte City Council

Parker Cains Why I'm Running For Charlotte City Council

Parker Cains for Charlotte City Council (Photograph courtesy of Stephanie Tomey Photography)

Charlotte is at a crossroads.

What is our identity as a city? There are too many people in our community that claim to be leaders, who actually divide us by looking to serve their own self-interests. I believe that there is a desperate need for us to work together to bring back the focus that has been severely misguided by our current leadership. My interests as an At Large candidate for Charlotte City Council revolve around:

  • Strengthening our economic mobility and empowering small business owners.
  • The need for a solid infrastructure system so people can get to work and play more efficiently
  • The importance of publicly supporting our safety officials and first responders so that we can ensure the safety of every single person in Charlotte.

An important lesson I’ve learned in life

Is that you don’t have to agree with everyone in order to sit down and have a cup of coffee. We all have different perspectives and ways of seeing the world. We can come together as citizens of Charlotte and work together on the issues that directly affect all of us. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds on my journey for 10,000 coffees. I’ve had some of the most incredible, inspiring conversations as a result.  I don’t always agree with everyone I meet, but I don’t have to agree with them to respect them. I have left each conversation with an enormous amount of respect and gratitude. One thing I appreciate most in the world is the ability for someone to be passionate about something they believe in.  

In these moments I’m not even tempted to look at my phone because the conversation is greater than the addiction…

This is where things changed for me

I have met with Charlotte First Responders and CMPD Recruiters over lunch at Thai Taste. Business leaders for both small and large companies at their office or Hex Coffee. State officials both Republican and Democrat at Earls Grocery. Leaders of advocacy groups associated to Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQIA+ at Not Just Coffee. Normal citizens of all political or no political affiliation at their favorite coffee spot.

Perspective can’t be changed just learned. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. By taking the time to listen and appreciate another perspective, you not only grow as a person, you create unity in a place where others wouldn’t even have tried.

I want to reinvigorate our community, increase trust in local politics, and unite our city with a bi-partisan stance on growth, opportunity, and equality. We CAN find balance and restore community confidence in our ability to grow as a city. It’s time to remove the activism that has defined our current leadership. Charlotte City Council needs to re-focus on how we can strengthen our community to benefit every single person that lives here.

I am Parker Cains and this is why I am running for Charlotte City Council.

Parker Cains